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Sheltered workshop

Apply with us substitute performance in 2014!

Take advantage of our sheltered workshop and

  • obtain reimbursement at 100% value of our services.
  • Saves you money that you would otherwise have to pay to the state.
  • We will produce products according to your requirements.
  • You will help preserve the cultural heritage of our ancestors
  • promote the employment of disable people .

Administration (complete the forms) we will do for you

Our workshop is known for its specific production of hand-made and painted ceramics.

In our collection you will find:

more than 200 kinds of traditional ceramic products as well and products made-to-measure according to the client requirements (adding logos, fonts etc.)

Legislation: Act no. 5/2004 on employment services obligates employers with minimum 20 employees to employ workers with disabilities. If this condition is not met, you are required to pay the levy failure to the Office of the Labour worth 0.9 times the total labor costs calculated on the average wage in the national economy for the first three quarters of last year (977 euro for 2014).

Sheltered workshop is a second, more convenient option for you to pay this levy. The total amount of the contract awarded in a sheltered workshop is lower compared to a levy of 0.8 times the total labor costs calculated on the average wage, which is 868 euros. You save 109 Euros


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