pasik pasik


Experience the atmosphere of traditional manufacturing and create your own product by traditional technology.


  1. Visiting the manufacturing process with professional commentary
  2. Workshops

Potter´s room

  • work on the potters turning wheel
  • with the technical assistance
  • 2 kg of clay on spinning (per person)

Smoothing room

  • pouring into the mold
  • mending of products
  • with the technical assistance

Painting room

  • glazing
  • products painting
  • with the technical assistance
  • semifinished product for painting


  • 1 soft drink or juice 2 oz 1x 1.5 ounces of wine of your choice / white, red, pink /
  • 1x mineral water 3dcl
  • 1x greaves pastry

For groups up to 20 people.
Price is negotiable (depending on number of people and length of stay)