pasik pasik

"From the time I was a little girl I dreamed that I'll have a restaurant someday. My dream came true in the place of origin of all my ancestors and which is also my hometown, in the Svaty Jur. My memories are going back to the vineyards of my grandparents, where I spent a lot of time. "

Since 2008 I lead a wine cellar, which is located in a pleasant environment, in the original historic 400-year-old vaulted cellars under Pálfy palace. This palace was built by in 1609 by Palatine of Hungarian Kingdom - Stephen Illeshászy and Catherine Pálfy in the city of Svaty Jur in the middle of vineyards on the slopes of the Small Carpathians. Their character and atmosphere are perfect for enjoying a fine glass of wine from Small Carpathian wine makers or to have a plate of regional specialties.

Pleasant environment complement helpful and nice approach of our staff. The cellar is open only on request and the group has a closed society. The capacity of the restaurant is 120 people.

For the event we will provide an accompanying program, if needed:

  • Examples of ceramic production with an option to try some work on a pottery wheel
  • Folk music (band)
  • DJ

In the cellar you can purchase majolica-R products and Small Carpathian wines.

In order to ensure the quality of selected actions and programs, it is necessary to book in advance your appointment.

We will synchronize your requirements with our offers to give you a tailor-made program.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Renata Hermysová and collective